“The” Website

With a few exceptions the website has not changed that much in past 10 years. Text + images/illustration + links + shopping cart + data capture. It’s largely a passive experience in a (hyper)active world. A world of getting people to do things and purchase other (occasionally) necessary things. Our storefront office here in Hastings-on-Hudson begs passersby to investigate. On average we get 3-5 people a week poking a head in our office and asking some form of “what do you do in here?” My natural response is – “We help clients with create and execute content-first strategies…” then I watch as their eyes drift to Rushkoff’s robots. After a few seconds they ask — “so…you make websites?”* It’s pure puffery to come back with something like — “No we tell digital stories,” so most often I acquiesce — “Right, websites. We make websites.” Sometimes they ask for a card and other times they back out slowly as if they walked into the middle of a bank robbery. *(For the record – more than 50% of our billable work is strategy only.)

Last week a woman came in, looked at our whiteboard wall covered in product-design brainstorming and said, “Well, this place is fun.” I smiled, realizing that both websites, strategy and ideas were only part of what we do. It reminded me that fun should help shape any experience and not everyone needs to know exactly what you do. Especially if you can make them smile.

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Eat Media Window Quotes: Fall 2010

Eat Media Window Quotes: Fall 2010

Albert Schweitzer
“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness
is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful.”

— Albert Schweitzer

Joesph Brodsky
“Appearance is the summary of phenomena.”
— Joesph Brodsky

John Cage
“Ideas are one thing and what happens is another.”

— John Cage

C. Christensen
“Clarity of purpose trumps knowledge”

– C. Christensen

-Ian Alexander
“Brands (and stories) no longer have room for yes-men or yes-agencies.”

— Ian

Steven Gary Blank
“In a start-up no facts exist inside the building, only opinions.”

— Steven Gary Blank

Primo Levi
“Listening is active, a form of communication to be trained rather than presumed.”

— Primo Levi

-Ian Alexander
“Positioning your company as ‘World’s Best’ leaves little room for improvement. No one is that good. Least of all a company that has to say it.”

— Ian