Back to Basics Friday – Lesson 01

As you struggle with things like, “Should our company have a Facebook group?” or, “Is PR on Twitter useful?” we are going to revisit some of the basics of content and design to put things in perspective.

“Ultimately, users visit your website for its content. Everything else is just the backdrop. The design is there to allow people access to the content. The old analogy is somebody who goes to see a theater performance: When they leave the theater, you want them to be discussing how great the play was and not how great the costumes were.”

Jakob Nielsen
Designing Web Usability

Content Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret

Even though Eat Media is in the business of producing relevant content I have a dirty little secret to tell you…it is the delivery of relevant content that’s proving to be the difference maker—”the how that shapes the what.” Widgets, Facebook, Twitter, slideshows, videos and mashups are forcing us to create new types of stories. Some steadfast journalists will say that this is the downfall of our society, that no one reads anymore, that to be a great writer requires you to be a great reader. I completely agree. And I say to you—”start reading Beckett, Marcus, Barthelme and Markson,” and learn to reinvent your storytelling, because your world is getting rocked.

Virginia Heffernan just published an amazing piece in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine that eerily echoed an email I sent to an industry friend by about an hour.  Read the article, then read the comments related to the article, let out an audible “hmmm”, pour yourself a glass of wine and start figuring out how best to tell your story in fantastic new ways.