Evolve And Transcend: EAT Agency

As Manhattan emerges from the flooded downtown streets and tunnels, EAT has been in the final stages of our own reemergence. It began with the decision to open a new SoHo office, to reaffirm our mission and philosophy, and to express that new clarity in our transmissions to the world. In the middle of the storm, when the forces of nature bent my thinking to the magical, I wondered if it all might be synchronicity.

If I can stretch the metaphor: The difference between a content-first-strategy agency and a one-stop web/copy/design studio is the difference between sand bags and higher ground. The first is a barricade, grains of pixels and ink that keeps the outside out and the inside in. The other is structural, environmental—safe even in exposure to the elements—strategic.

EAT has always worked on that structural-environmental principle. And we want the world to know it. We aren’t a Media company. We wouldn’t vend for a lifetime pass to all the halal carts in midtown. We want your problems first, and then let’s talk projects. Sometimes that means pure strategy; other times it’s sleeves-up code and serifs.

That’s why we changed our name. We are EAT Agency.

We provide media if it’s necessary (and it usually is), but what we really do is place companies on higher ground. We give them new eyes to see all 360 degrees of their operations. We provide technical know-how and theoretical support as organizations re-become who they are. We do for them what we have done for ourselves: Evolve And Transcend.

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