Don’t Just Ask for the Sale

When you walk in the door of a new store, a relationship begins right away. A bell dangling on a string above the door says, “I want to know that you have arrived.” A desk or counter says, “Come to me.” And when nothing is said when you walk in, well that speaks volumes, too.

The moment customers view your website, read your corporate editorial content, or glance at the cover of your magazine, the relationship goes under a microscope. From there on in, it becomes a case of managing expectations: you’re either crawling out of the hole from a typo, unfocused content, poor message, or living up to a high expectation that you may or may not be able to meet, manage, or maintain.

All businesses want to establish themselves as experts regarding their service or product, but most just show you what they have for sale, tell you how great they are, and send you off to the Buy Now button or 1-800-number. Consumers want informative authentic content that speaks to them directly. Speak to your audience with honesty about what you are going to deliver, then deliver it with a smile. Just opening the doors and asking for the sale these days isn’t enough. “Content drives action.”

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