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Our team works with companies ready to choose real value and transparent communications over brand fictions. This commitment to digital, social and print excellence goes way beyond making things pretty. We hang our hats on old-school experience coupled with new-digital habits.

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Britta Alexander

Britta Alexander, Partner and Co-founder


Britta has led award-winning print and web projects for online universities, software giants, media companies and funded startups. She has served as managing editor for a family of regional lifestyle publications, and as a NYC literary agent where she edited the work of bestselling authors. She has recently launched Year of the Book, an author services practice helping experts publish meaningful books.

Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander, Partner and Co-founder


Ian brings 20 + years of startup experience and creative to EAT. He thrives on solving complex content & brand issues across digital and print mediums. Ian has spoken on the subject of content strategy (and hip-hop) at a number of conferences including SXSW, the IA Summit, and the Custom Content Council.

John Fakorede

John Fakorede, Technologist

John is an experienced developer with a love for all things publishing. His work has spanned web content management, book and magazine publishing, and multimedia production. He prefers baroque to Beastie Boys and straight-ahead jazz to sunlight.

Nina Max Daly

Nina Max Daly, Designer

Nina has been working with Illustrator and wielding an x-acto knife for more years than she cares to reveal. She’s done work for regular people, small indie shops, old-school design firms and major cable TV networks. When she’s not designing pretty things, Nina can be found baking cakes, and hawking her wares on Etsy.

Brian Hughes

Brian Hughes, Content Strategist/Copywriter

Brian Hughes is a content strategist who loves nothing better than to see the world from a new point of view. He thinks all content is creative content—or at least it should be. Once, he helped six Greek fishermen lift a car out of a ditch using only their bare hands. (It was his car.)

Work With Us
  • Work With Us

    We know there’s a zillion opportunities out there for Designers, Front-End Developers and Content/UX Strategists — especially in NYC. EAT is an agency committed to content-first solutions, long-lasting relationships and innovative thinking. We’re looking for well-rounded, interesting people who want to be a part of something bigger than a pay stub on the 1st and 15th. New Soho office open now.

  • Help Wanted: Designers

    We’re looking for designers with taste, talent and a sense of creative independence. Clock-punchers and template filler-outers, apply elsewhere. Join a fierce but friendly artistic environment and wear your fancy jeggings to work. Must tolerate dub (old and new).

    Front-End Developers | Content/UX Strategists | Work With Us

  • Help Wanted: Front-End Developers

    Have you ever dreamt in Javascript? Do you spend so much time in WP Admin that you’re thinking of buying a condo there? Is your code clean enough to eat off of? We’ve got a million of these lines, so why don’t you just put on your best sneakers and come say hi?

    Designers | Content/UX Strategists | Work With Us

  • Help Wanted: Content/UX Strategists

    Needed: Mental chameleons with a strong UX, writing and strategy chops. Come work your magic at the starting and finish lines. We’ll let you be yourself, plus anyone else you can think of. Competitive breaking experience and/or metal chops a plus.

    Designers | Front-End Developers | Work With Us

Doug Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff, PhD — Advisor

Winner of the Marshall McLuhan Award for media writing, Dr. Douglas Rushkoff is the author of bestselling books including Program or Be Programmed, Media Virus, and Life Inc. He is a technology commentator for CNN, a documentarian for PBS Frontline, and a frequent guest on media from NPR to Colbert Report. Rushkoff lectures and teaches around the world, and originated concepts such as “viral media” and “social currency.” Dr. Rushkoff is available as a consultant and speaker to select EAT clients.